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Iowa City, IA
Current President or Coach Roan Dowling
National championships none
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The University of Iowa is a public university located in Iowa City, Iowa. It attended tournaments, including ACF Nationals, pre-2008, but entered a period of little to no club activity until 2017. Cole Kitzman transferred from Iowa State to Iowa, and began the quiz bowl club again. In the first year after its creation, the club only held small practices.

With the arrival of Tony Cosimini and Ganon Evans in 2018, the club rapidly grew and competed in local events. Iowa won the Truman State mirror of 2018 Penn Bowl and qualified that year for 2019 ICT and 2019 ACF Nationals, to which they drove to in Philadelphia.

The club regularly practices, attends and hosts tournaments, runs on-campus trivia nights, and creates end-of-the-semester community packets.


Iowa hosts the annual hybrid theme tournament, This Tournament Goes To 11 (TTGT11).

2022 Players


Player Games played (NAQT)[1] Tenure
Tony Cosimini 59 2018-2022
Paul Drube 54 2006-2009
Peter Montag 50 2007-2009
Martin Whitman 45 2007-2009
Gannon Evans 34 2018-2021
Nathan Clack 36 2020-2022
Roan Downling 37 2020-Current
Jordan LaCerte 34 2015-2019
Eric Brosch 35 2017-2019
Trevor Schultz 26 1997-2000
Thomas Brantseg 24 2000-2008
Pete Burns 23 2003-2008
Aditya Desai 20 2020-Current
Dan Hogan 17 2007-2008
Carson Melinder 17 2019-2021
James Erwin 16 1997-1998
Mary Moran 16 1997-1998
Matt Hajek 16 2017-2019
Matt Larson 15 1999-2000
Jeff Miller 15 1999-2000
James Holst 15 2003-2004
Erik Johnson 15 2003-2004
Kate Pacha 15 2003-2004
Michael Ose 14 1999-2000
Jon Stewart 14 1999-2000
Frank Swoboda 14 1999-2000
Mike Witry 14 1999-2000
Jayne Lady 14 2003-2004
Lucy Sun 14 2003-2004
Brett Taber 14 2003-2004
Scott Wasik 14 2003-2004
Quentin Roper 14 2008-2009
Jack Rosseau 13 2006-2007
Max Halbach 12 2021-Current
Joe Burba 11 2017-2018
Lydia Gebre 11 2017-2018
Samuel Kitzman 11 2017-2018
Aaron Twait 11 1997-1998
Graham Truman 10 2022-Current
Richard Zhang 10 2019-2021
Andrew Swiston 10 2018-2021
Madison Black 8 2019-2020
Lindsey Negaard 8 2004-2005
Lindsey Smith 8 2004-2005
Johannes Waldschuetz 8 2004-2005
Wyatt Hellmann 6 2020-2021
Zach Krisl 6 2020-2021
Emily Krogstad 6 2020-2021
Kyle Lastine 6 2020-2021
Delaney Nesmith 6 2020-2021
Abigail Skellis 6 2020-2021
Patrick Taylor 6 2020-2021
Kate Wasmer 6 2020-2021
Joseph Schopen 6 2020-2021
Jade Utech 6 2020-2021
Sam Maschmann 6 2020-2021
Brady Olson 5 2020-2021
Ethan Bennett 4 2018-2019
Ambika Athreya
Wes Hottel
Nick Leifker
Kevin Lu
John Modrick
Kevin Pearce 2006-2007
Bryan Leppert 2004-2008
Mark Ryherd 2006-2008
Jennifer Vanderbeek 2004-2008
Cole Kitzman 2017-2019
Andy Swiston 2018-2021

Results (2007-08)

  • Tartan Tussle II @ Macalester (Nov. 3, 2007): A team consisting of Ambika Athreya, Josh Modrick, Peter Montag, and Martin Whitman went 7-2. Martin Whitman was the 9th place individual scorer with 53.3 ppg. Overall stats:[1]
  • Sword Bowl Mirror @ Drake (February 2, 2008): Iowa A (Paul Drube) went 10-1, finishing in 2nd place after losing to Ezra Lyon in the finals. Iowa B (Dan Hogan, Wes Hottel, Josh Modrick, Peter Montag) finished 3-8 while Iowa C (Bryan Leppert, Miller Lu, Martin Whitman) finished 4-7. Paul Drube was the leading individual scorer with 118.3 ppg; Martin Whitman was the 10th place individual scorer (4th highest undergrad scorer) with 48.9 ppg. Preliminary stats: [2]
  • NAQT Sectionals @ Carleton (February 9, 2008): Iowa fielded a single DI team (Paul Drube, Nick Leifker, Peter Montag) and a single DII team (Ambika Athreya, Tom Brantseg, Dan Hogan, Josh Modrick, Martin Whitman). After a full-round round robin and bracket play, the DI squad was in second place with a record of 9-3. An advantaged final was then played against Carleton in which Iowa won two straight matches to claim the championship! In DII, Iowa went 9-2 in a full round robin to claim third place. Paul Drube was the third leading individual scorer in DI with 77.2 ppg while Tom Brantseg was the fourth leading individual scorer in DII with 43.4 ppg; both players received "all-star" awards. Both teams eventually earned invitations for Nationals in April. Stats: [3]
  • Carleton Undergraduate Tournament @ Carleton (March 8, 2008): Two teams of Iowa undergraduates partook in the festivities: Iowa A (Tom Brantseg, Bryan Leppert, Martin Whitman) and Iowa B (Dan Hogan, Josh Modrick, Peter Montag, Wes Hottel). After initial round-robins both teams landed in the top bracket, with Iowa A finishing in 6th place at 6-4 and Iowa B finishing in 7th place at 5-5. In the final match of the day, Iowa B narrowly defeated Iowa A, ruining Iowa A's chance at a possible third place finish. Results: [4]
  • NAQT Nationals @ Washington U. in St. Louis (April 11-12, 2008): Iowa fielded a single team in Division I (Paul Drube, Nick Leifker, Peter Montag) and a single team in Division II (Ambika Athreya, Tom Brantseg, Dan Hogan, Josh Modrick, Martin Whitman). The DI team went 5-2 in preliminary rounds and were placed in the second bracket. There they went 3-3, including a last-second win over Carleton and a last-second loss to Florida, finishing at 8-5 in a tie for 9th place. Paul Drube was the 6th leading scorer in the preliminary rounds. Although initially wait-listed for the tournament, the DII squad also went 5-2 in the preliminary rounds and were placed in the second bracket (after losing a tiebreaker with Cornell). They then went 2-4 in bracket play to finish at 7-6, tied for 12th place. Tom Brantseg was the 10th leading individual scorer for the preliminary rounds, and headed the entire field with 8 powers! Results: [5]

Both Iowa teams as they wait for the beginning of play at ICT '08:

Iowa ICT08small.JPG


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