Ganon Evans

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Ganon Evans
Current college Iowa (2018-2021)
High school Francis Howell (2015-2018)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Ganon Evans is a former player for Francis Howell High School and the University of Iowa. He is the current President of ACF for the 2023-2024 season, having formerly served as the organization's Treasurer from 2021 to 2023. He is also the current VP of Editing for PACE, and a member of MOQBA. An avid staffer for both high school and collegiate events, Ganon enjoys humanities writing, proofing sets, or anything else to help in the community. He maintains the Biggest Haters list.


Since 2018, Evans has been a prolific writer and editor of both high school and collegiate sets. He primarily serves as an editor for visual fine arts, history, geography, pop culture, and "other academic" questions. His writing and editing credits are listed below:

As Head Editor

As Subject Editor

  • 2019 ACF Fall - Current Events, Geography, Pop Culture, Other Academic
  • 2020 ACF Winter - World History, Other Fine Arts, Geo/CE/Pop Culture/Misc
  • 2021 NASAT - Geo/CE/Other Academic, Visual Other Fine Arts
  • 2022 ACF Regionals - Visual Other Fine Arts, Geography, Pop Culture, Other Academic
  • 2022 MRNA VACCINE - American History, World History
  • 2022 NASAT - Geo/CE/Other Academic, Visual Fine Arts, and Visual Other Fine Arts
  • 2022 ARCADIA 2 - Visual Fine Arts, American History, Visual Other Fine Arts
  • 2023 MRNA VACCINE - Visual Fine Arts and Geo/CE/Other Academic
  • 2023 ACF Nationals - Other Academic, Geography, and Current Events
  • 2023 Chicago Open - Visual Fine Arts
  • 2023 MOQBA Novice - Religion, Mythology, Philosophy, Computer Science
  • 2023 ARCADIA 3 - European History and religion
  • 2024 Booster Shot - American Literature and World History

As Writer