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Waterloo, ON
Current President or Coach Aayush Rajasekaran
National championships none
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The University of Waterloo is a university in Waterloo, ON with strong math and engineering programs. A quizbowl club has been in existence since the mid-1990s.

Early history

The Waterloo Quiz Bowl Club was established at some point in the mid-1990s, hosting and participating in several tournaments during the early years of Canadian university quizbowl. Zhan Huan Zhou and Rico Catibog ran the club in the early years. A Waterloo team attended the 2000 ICT.

Dormant period

After 2001, the team became inactive on the circuit, but continued to exist as a club.

Modern history (2008-Present)

Recently, Waterloo has re-emerged as an actual Quizbowl Club, due in no small part to Eric Monkman, who attended Waterloo as a freshman in 2006-07. Since the Fall of 2008, the club has been led each term by either Jeffrey Baer, Aaron Dos Remedios or Monkman himself. This has led to an attempt to get the university involved in more traditional Quizbowl events, mainly through the Canadian Quizbowl circuit.

Typically, the club is made up almost entirely of mathematics or engineering students. This has generally led to Waterloo teams being weak in areas such as history and linguistics. Exceptions to this include Rebecca Heersink, Sean Nauth and perhaps Monkman himself (a mathematical physicist), but non-mathematicians/engineers in the Waterloo Quizbowl club are few and far between.

Modern Tournament Involvement

Waterloo competed for the first time since 2001 at Ontario Bowl in October, 2007; the team finished in the middle of the pack. In 2009, Waterloo, along with nearby Wilfrid Laurier University, hosted the Canada SCT.

The following is a list of tournaments in which Waterloo participated in its modern era:



  • Faith Barrett
  • Michael Blair
  • David Choi
  • Stephen Chou
  • Henry Fung
  • Christine Irwin
  • Jj Li
  • Peter Liu
  • Cam MacInnis
  • Ben Paul
  • Aayush Rajasekaran
  • Daniel Resnick
  • Arjun Sondhi
  • Kira Vimal
  • Ming-Ho Yee
  • Andrew Yim


  • Matt Austin
  • Jeffrey Baer
  • Elite Che
  • Jamie Cooper
  • Dmitry Denisenkov
  • Aaron Dos Remedios
  • Jason Fung
  • Rebecca Heersink
  • Joeseph Horan
  • Tom Li
  • Yifan Li
  • Cadence Lu
  • Eric Monkman
  • Sean Nauth
  • Ashutosh Syal
  • Ann Sychterz
  • Will Van Hemessen
  • Huma Zafar