2024 ICT

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Champion Chicago A
Runner-up WUSTL
Third Stanford
Fourth Toronto
High scorer Matt Jackson
Undergrad Champion Cornell
Undergrad Runner-up Georgia Tech
Undergrad High scorer Amogh Kulkarni
Site Hyatt Regency O'Hare (Rosemont, IL)
Field 32
Stats [1]
Champion Waterloo B
Runner-up Columbia B
Third Missouri
Fourth NYU
High scorer Braden Booth
Field 32
Stats [2]

The 2024 NAQT Intercollegiate Championship Tournament was held at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont, IL.

In Division I, avenging their narrow loss in the previous year, Chicago (Adam S. Fine, Matt Jackson, Claire Jones, Ned Tagtmeier) cleared the field to win the title. WUSTL came in 2nd, with two losses; Stanford A placed third after defeating Toronto in a third-place game.

In an echo of its win at the IQBT Undergraduate Championship weeks earlier, Cornell won the Division I Undergraduate title after defeating Georgia Tech.

In Division II, Waterloo became the first-ever team to defend a Division II title (a challenging feat, given that by the eligibility rules that define the division, no players from a winning team can return the following year); to do so, they defeated Columbia B in the first game of an advantaged final.


  • As Georgia State, Amogh Kulkarni became the first solo player (ever? in a very long time?) [citation needed] to reach the top bracket of Division I, going 6-1 in his prelim bracket.
    • He did this while wearing a Chicago hoodie, in a nod to his former school.
    • He did this with a lower prelim PPB (11.35) than any team to make playoffs at ICT within the last 15 years; 2009 MIT made top bracket with an even lower prelim PPB of 10.44.
  • Toronto's 4th-place finish in Division I, their first top 4 finish, is the highest ever by any team from Canada in that division, and the highest such finish for any team from Canada in a U.S.-based collegiate championship with an unrestricted field.
  • In Division II, an astounding 20 teams were involved in tiebreaker procedures after the prelims [3].