2023 ICT

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Champion Cornell A
Runner-up Chicago A
Third Ohio State A
Fourth WUSTL A
High scorer Matt Jackson
Undergrad Champion Brown
Undergrad Runner-up Columbia B
Undergrad High scorer Alex Schmidt
Site Hyatt Regency O'Hare (Rosemont, IL)
Field 32
Stats [1]
Champion Waterloo
Runner-up Rutgers B
Third Chicago D
Fourth Claremont
High scorer Andrew Zeng
Field 32
Stats [2]

The 2023 NAQT Intercollegiate Championship Tournament was held at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont, IL. Cornell A earned their first ever national title, going undefeated to clear the field. Chicago A came in 2nd, with two losses; Ohio State A placed third after defeating WUSTL A in a third-place game.

Brown won the Division I Undergraduate title after defeating Columbia B in the first game of an advantaged final.

In Division II, Waterloo became the first-ever team from Canada to win a championship title, defeating Rutgers in the second game of an advantaged final.


  • Because NAQT policy required undefeated teams that were ahead by multiple games to play a final until the mid-2010s, Cornell became the first Division I champion to clear the field by going undefeated.
  • With an overall PP20H of 101.62, Matt Jackson became the most recent person to break the 100-PP20H barrier across the entire day in Division I, which was last done by Chris Ray at the 2011 ICT twelve years prior.
    • Jackson would have broken Ray's record for highest PPG in DI ICT history if he had answered one more tossup over the course of the tournament. NAQT's individual records are for entire tournaments only and do not distinguish prelims vs. playoffs or account for different tiers of playoff pools; unofficially, Jackson now holds the record for highest PPG by a player whose team participated in the championship playoff tier.
    • (But note also that Chris Ray's 2011 Maryland team would have been in the top tier had they not taken a prelim loss to the later-disqualified-for-cheating Harvard team.)
  • Ohio State and WUSTL made the top 4 in Division I for the first time, and Waterloo, Rutgers, and Claremont made the top 4 in Division II (or any division of the tournament) for the first time. Cornell's only prior Top 4 finish prior to winning this year's DI championship was fourth place at the very first ICT in 1997. This tournament mirrored the 2021 ICT in awarding the DI champion its first-ever national title and having a DII final contested between two teams who had never previously made the top 4 in DII.