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A visual tournament is a type of tournament (usually a side event) that is played by viewing a set of pyramidally-ordered slides or images, rather than by reading a textual question. Visual tournaments are often focused on visual fine arts, like art, film, or architecture, or on trash movies or sports.


The first visual tournament was the original Eyes That Do Not See, which set the standard format for the medium. The tournament was run as a PowerPoint presentation, or occasionally as a projected PDF. Each tossup begins with a statement (a prompt) of what the question is asking for (e.g. "Identify the artist" or "Name the painting"). The "clues" for each tossup are a set of 6 to 10 slides. Each slide contains an image, such that the first slide contains the hardest image and the last slide the easiest image (imitating a regular pyramidal quizbowl tossup).

Slides worth extra points may have a differently-colored background to indicate that they are worth power. Regular slides worth 10 points are black, and the giveaway slide is green, to indicate the end of the tossup (where incorrect buzzes receive no penalty).

Visual tournaments may not be on the packet archive due to having very large file sizes.

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