Eyes That Do Not See

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Eyes That Do Not See (or Eyes for short) is a tossup-only visual arts tournament by Mike Bentley, presented in visual form. With its first iteration coming in 2010, Eyes is the earliest side event to use the visual format that it pioneered.

The tournament The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes was named in reference to Eyes.


As of 2019, there have been ten incarnations of the tournament, with seemingly no end in sight. Mike has stated that he could do 10,000 extremely hard Eyes, and that the challenge is always finding easy material in new ways.

The first six Eyes That Do Not See tournaments are stored at the bottom of Wastebin and on the packet archive.

Year Name Packets Mirrored at
2010 Eyes I packets T-Party
ACF Winter
2010 Eyes II packets 2010 Minnesota Open
2011 Eyes III packets 2011 Minnesota Open/Penn Intergalactic
2012 Eyes IV packets 2012 Minnesota Open
2013 Eyes V packets Fernando Arrabal
2014 Eyes VI packets George Oppen
2015 Eyes VII packets stanford housewrite
2017 Eyes VIII packets WAO
2017 Eyes IX packets
2018 Eyes X unposted as of 12/22/20

Note: Some links to packets may require keys/may be temporary - contact Mike Bentley if you have trouble getting copies of the sets.