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Weaubleau, MO
Coaches David Ochs
State Championships 2023 MSHSAA Class 2
Program Status Active
School Size 98[1]
NAQT Page link

Weaubleau (pronounced WAH-bloh) is a public high school in western Missouri. Weaubleau won the 2023 MSHSAA State Championship in Class 2.

Weaubleau is one of the most active small school teams in Missouri, as one of the smallest schools to regularly attend Missouri Quizbowl Alliance tournaments at Columbia College. They won the NAQT Missouri Qualifier Very Small School title in 2020 and 2024. Weaubleau attended their first SSNCT in 2024, where they advanced to the playoff bracket and finished tied for 21st overall and 7th among very small school teams.

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