Louisiana (MO)

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Louisiana Bulldogs
Louisiana, MO
Club President None
Coaches Malia Jolly
State Championships 2017, 2018 MSHSAA Class 2

2018 NAQT Very Small School

National Championships
National Appearances SSNCT: 2017, 2018
Program Status Active
School Size 206

Louisiana is a high school in Louisiana, Missouri.

Led by freshman Michael Powers, Louisiana advanced to the MSHSAA State Championship for the first time in 2016, where they placed second in Class 2 behind Calvary Lutheran. The next year, Louisiana attended nationals for the first time, finishing tied for 19th at SSNCT, and earned their first state championship 390-320 over Calvary Lutheran, where Michael set the all-time single tournament record with 138 tossups answered correctly.

Louisiana earned the inaugural Very Small School title at the 2018 NAQT Missouri Qualifier with Michael Powers playing solo and finishing in eighth place overall. Louisiana also improved to a tied for tenth place finish at the 2018 SSNCT. They finished the season with a record-setting performance at the 2018 MSHSAA State Championship, winning their second state championship, scoring the most points by any Class 2 team in one state tournament, and with Powers once again setting the individual record with 155 correct tossups.

They also won their first Clarence Cannon Conference championship in 2017 after defeating long time powerhouse and incumbent title holders Centralia.

The next season, Louisiana moved to the Eastern Missouri Conference. At the 2019 MSHSAA State Championship, the team did not advance to the afternoon playoffs after a 100 point loss to eventual second place team Thayer and a 90 point loss eventual champion College Heights Christian in the preliminary matches (which are determined by sectional numbers, not seeded). Senior Michael Powers finished second in preliminary scoring.

MSHSAA Class 2 State Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Calvary Lutheran
2017, 2018
College Heights Christian