Ryan Westbrook

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Ryan Westbrook
Noted Subjects:
Past Collegiate Teams Michigan, Wayne State
Stats n/a

Ryan "No Rules" Westbrook played quizbowl at Michigan and Wayne State.

Ryan was a successful player and has since achieved greater acclaim for his writing and editing work. While Ryan has achieved a reputation (much of it of his own making) as being an "eccentric" writer who likes pushing the "canon," his events are usually well liked and respected.

Writing and Editing History

  • 2008 Chicago Open
  • his two Experimental side events
  • 2011 Chicago Open
  • 2012 Chicago Open
  • 2014 ACF Nationals (history, religion, some Miscellaneous Academic, some social science)
  • 2015 ACF Nationals (Head Editor; history, religion, Other Academic)
  • 2016 ACF Nationals (History, social science, Other Academic, geography, current events)
  • 2017 Chicago Open (History, religion, mythology)