2017 Chicago Open

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2017 Chicago Open
Edited by Ike Jose, with Billy Busse, Jason Thompson, and Ryan Westbrook
Champion "1-800-EASY-DEBT"
Runner-up Tied: "Theme song of the current state of Venezuela" and "The drums flail impotently aback Sex flows abrasive adaft, front n centers"
Fourth "Listen to my album. This may be our last chance."
High scorer Jordan Brownstein, "The drums flail impotently aback Sex flows abrasive adaft, front n center"
Site Chicago
Field 18
Stats Stats

The 2017 Chicago Open was won by "1-800-EASY-DEBT," a team consisting of Will Alston, Matt Bollinger, Auroni Gupta, and Will Nediger, who cleared the field with a 13–0 record. The tournament was edited by Ike Jose, with Billy Busse (science), Jason Thompson (music), and Ryan Westbrook (history).


Aside from the lack of powers, the tournament was widely considered to be punishingly difficult, building on the already excessive difficulty of the 2016 Chicago Open. However, barely anybody bothered to address this reception on the forums as it became clear that the head editor lied to the public about the target difficulty since the announcement and kept the actual difficulty secret among the editors, and then refused to read any criticism.

Ike Jose recorded an unusual monologue (transcript) about his rationale for producing such a tournament, and dropped it at the end of his so-called "thank you" post.[1]

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