York Suburban High School

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York Suburban High School
York, Pennsylvania
Coaches Sarah Lawrence, Jesse Weld
National Appearances None
Program Status Active
School Size ~850
NAQT Page link

York Suburban High School is a high school located in York, Pennsylvania. Their quiz bowl team has played extensively and well in regional and state leagues, but has almost no experience playing tournaments.


Tournament Results

York Suburban's earliest recorded results are at its only tournament appearance at the Maryland DR YAKUB Invitational in December, 2010 at the University of Maryland, where their A team finished 4-7 with 157PPG on NAQT IS-98. Since this tournament, York Suburban has not attended a Saturday event.

League Results

Though their tournament experience is little, Suburban has enjoyed consistent success in numerous local formats. It competed in the Lancaster-Lebanon League from 2011 to 2017. It left the LL League when it joined seven other schools in York and Adams Counties to form the York-Adams Quiz Bowl League. York Suburban was the original proponent of the YA League, and had tried unsuccessfully to create it for the 2016-17 school year.

York Suburban competed well in the LL League, with multiple top five finishes in the playoff tournament. Only in 2015-16 did their program suffer a poor season, finishing in 21st place. In the first year of the YA League, York Suburban won the title, posting the best PPG, PPB, and overall record.

The team has competed at the Pennsylvania State Academic Competition, winning its Intermediate Unit's qualifier multiple times: from 2012 and before, York Suburban won every single iteration of the Lincoln IU 12's competition -- qualifying it for states -- except for its inaugural year.

York Suburban has also competed on the program Brainbusters.