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The York-Adams Quiz Bowl League is a pyramidal quiz bowl league based out of York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania. It is overseen by Chris Manning, former coach of Manheim Township and commissioner of the Lancaster-Lebanon League.

History and Formation

In 2016, York Suburban High School, then a member of the LL League, contacted schools in the region to see if there was interest to form a quiz bowl league in York and Adams Counties. At first, response was low, with only Bermudian Springs High School expressing strong interest.

However, the next year, an email was again sent by York Suburban to coaches of the local quiz bowl teams to find support for a league. This time, response was much higher, with nine teams ultimately expressing interest, perhaps in part to the misfortunes at the Chester County Intermediate Unit's qualifier tournament at the end of the 2016-17 school year (which was, at the time, the only quiz bowl event many of the nine schools played) for the Pennsylvania State Academic Competition, where a last-second drop caused an hour delay and logistical problems throughout the event.

The league began its inaugural season in the 2017-18 school year with seven members after Logos Academy and Delone Catholic decided not to participate.


The York-Adams League uses A set question sets from NAQT, using three packets to completion in the course of the regular season and playoffs. Each game is essentially identical to an untimed NAQT match: each four-member team plays 20 tossups and 20 bonuses, with powers and negs. Each match is comprised of three games played on three separate packets. Unlike the similar Lancaster-Lebanon League, statistics are kept for both the regular season and playoffs.

In its first season, the league only used two packets, which forced teams to have a bye round and have uneven scheduling; namely, some of the earlier-season matches were only two games instead of the standard three. In the 2018-19 season, the league began to use three packets and standardized the scheduling. As of 2019, the league reverted to using only two packets in order to conserve some for other tournament play. As a consequence, the regular season's length is capped and the league tournament uses either double or single-elimination playoffs. HSNCT and SSNCT qualification is based on both final placement at the tournament and during the regular season.


Season Champion Score Second Teams Host Best Seasonal PPG
2017-18 York Suburban 365-145 Southwestern 7 Central York York Suburban, 314.75
2018-19 Red Lion 315-190 Central York 7 Central York York Suburban, 346.67
2019-20 Spring Grove 280-245 Bermudian Springs 8 Red Lion, 296.67


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