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The Intercollegiate Championship Tournament (ICT) is an annual event held by NAQT. Competitors must be invited to the ICT based on performance at Sectional Championship Tournaments held around North America in February; British teams have also been invited in past years.

ICT is divided into Division I and Division II. Division I is for graduate students and all players not eligible for Division II (primarily due to having played at ICT previously; see NAQT Division II Eligibility Rules for complete rules). Division II includes all other players, and includes several community college teams that qualify at Community College SCTs.

In Division I, both an Overall and Undergraduate champion are recognized, while Division II recognizes the top Community College as well as a D-II Overall winner.


Winners of NAQT Intercollegiate Championship Tournament (1997-2012)

Year Division I
Division I
Second Place
Division I
Third Place
Division I
Fourth Place
Division I
Undergraduate Champion
Division II
Division II
Community College Champion
Host/Location Stats
1997 Chicago Harvard Berkeley Cornell N/A N/A N/A Philadelphia, PA (Penn) Stats
1998 Stanford Chicago Harvard Berkeley Swarthmore Harvard N/A Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt) Stats
1999 Chicago A Berkeley Michigan Stanford Carleton A Princeton N/A Ann Arbor, MI (Michigan) Stats
2000 Illinois Chicago Michigan Berkeley Princeton Harvard N/A Boston, MA (BU) DI Stats DII Stats
2001 Chicago Michigan A Michigan B Illinois Princeton A Pittsburgh N/A St. Louis, MO (WUSTL) DI Stats DII Stats
2002 Michigan A Virginia Chicago Princeton A Princeton A Yale Valencia CC Chapel Hill, NC (UNC) DI Stats DII Stats
2003 Chicago Berkeley Maryland Michigan Harvard Berkeley Valencia CC A Los Angeles, CA (UCLA) Stats
2004 Berkeley Florida Michigan Maryland/Yale (tie) Illinois UCLA Valencia CC St. Louis, MO (WUSTL) Stats
2005 Michigan A Chicago Rochester Illinois VCU Chicago Faulkner St CC New Orleans, LA (Tulane) Stats
2006 Berkeley Illinois Chicago VCU Williams A Stanford Broward CC College Park, MD (Maryland) Stats
2007 Chicago A Illinois Michigan VCU Carleton A Maryland Valencia CC A Minneapolis, MN (Minnesota) Stats
2008 Maryland Chicago Illinois Brown Harvard Carleton Valencia CC A St. Louis, MO (WUSTL) Stats
2009 Chicago A Illinois Minnesota A Stanford/Irvine (tie) Minnesota A Chicago Northeast Alabama CC Dallas, TX (Hyatt Regency) Stats
2010 Chicago Penn Illinois Minnesota Minnesota Brown St. Charles CC Chicago, IL (Hyatt Regency) Stats
2011 Minnesota Brown Chicago/VCU (tie) None VCU Yale Chipola A Chicago, IL (Hyatt Regency) Stats
2012 Virginia Illinois Yale Maryland Ohio State A Harvard Chipola Chicago, IL (Hyatt Regency) Stats
2013 Yale Virginia A Penn Illinois Ohio State Stanford Chipola Chicago, IL (Hyatt Regency) Stats
2014 Virginia Yale Penn Chicago Yale Harvard Valencia Chicago, IL (Hyatt Regency) Stats

† Undefeated


  • Beginning in 2009, NAQT determined its official community college national championship at the CCCT, with the top-finishing community college in the D2 ICT being recognized as "top community college" but not a national champion.
  • The 2012 Undergraduate title was originally awarded to Illinois. It was later found that, due to an honest misunderstanding of the eligibility rules, Illinois was not eligible for Undergraduate placement (though they retained their second-place overall finish). The UG trophy was then awarded to MIT; however, Joshua Alman was found to have obtained a prior copy of the questions. Ohio State, originally named the third-place UG finisher, turned out to be the highest-finishing eligible UG team.
  • NAQT policy is to play off the top three spots so that there are no ties; however, due to the adjustment of team standings in 2011 after Harvard's disqualification, what was formerly thought to be a fourth-place tie turned out to be a third-place tie too late to resolve it at the tournament. Both Chicago and VCU are now tied for third and there is no fourth-place team for that year. It is possible to have an unresolved fourth-place tie in the current tournament format, as well as most prior ones, and this has happened on two other occasions noted above.
  • The 2009 and 2011 Undergraduate, 2010 DI, and 2011 DI championships were originally awarded to Harvard, however, Andy Watkins was found to have cheated, and Harvard's wins were vacated and given to the teams originally announced as runners-up in those divisions.

Division I Medal count

Team Championships Finals Appearances (Top 2) Trophies (Top 3) Leaderboards (Top 4)
Berkeley 2 4 5 7
Brown 0 1 1 2
Chicago 7 11 14 15
Cornell 0 0 0 1
Florida 0 1 1 1
Harvard 0 1 2 2
Illinois 1 5 7 10
Irvine 0 0 0 1
Maryland 1 1 2 4
Michigan 2 3 8 9
Minnesota 1 1 2 3
Penn 0 1 3 3
Princeton 0 0 0 1
Rochester 0 0 1 1
Stanford 1 1 1 3
VCU 0 0 1 3
Virginia 2 4 4 4
Yale 1 2 3 4


NAQT's list of ICT champions