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The 2006 Chaska quizbowl team consisted of Rob Carson, Andrew Guyton, Andrew Hart, Jon Martin, and occasionally Sean Skaar.


Chaska is only known to have won one quizbowl tournament in 2006, namely that iteration of SAVANT, which was played on NAQT's IS-58. Chaska also won the state Science Bowl tournament, Knowledge Bowl Regionals, and the Roseville Run For The Roses, played on Patrick's Press questions. Notable second-place finishes include (but are probably not limited to): The 2006 NAC, MNHSQB League (at the time also played on Patrick's Press), Face-Off Minnesota, and Knowledge Bowl State. The team was unable to defend its NAQT state second-place title, as Rob, Andrew Hart, and Jon were all in Washington D.C. for Science Bowl nationals, where they fittingly finished second in a fuel-cell car competition.

Team members

Most historical sources agree that the best player on the team was Rob Carson, who typically put up the most tossup points per game while serving as team captain. Andrew Guyton generally finished with similar PPG to Rob, with Andrew Hart and Jon Martin contributing as third and fourth scorers.


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