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Rob Carson
Noted Subjects:
Literature, fine arts, mythology, trash, shameless fraud, meta, etc.
Current Collegiate Team BHSU
Past Collegiate Teams Minnesota (2007-2011), MCTC (2013-2014)
High School Team Chaska (2005-2006)
Middle School Team None

Rob Carson is an alumnus of the University of Minnesota, where he and perennial teammate Andrew Hart won the 2011 ICT. In 2019, his writing, forums adminship, and community-building work was recognized with the Carper Award.

While a freshman at Minnesota, Rob was a member of the inaugural official ACF Undergraduate and Division II National Championship team. He has since gone on to win two more ACF undergrad titles, an ICT undergrad title, the overall ICT title in 2011, and a Chicago Open title. He also was part of the Ooh Aah Aah Aah team that won the inaugural CULT national title. He is widely regarded as one of the best mythology players in the game.

According to Andrew Hart, Rob is "an excellent question writer and editor." Less subjectively, he co-created and served as a major editor and contributor to Minnesota's two annual tournaments, Minnesota Open and MUT, before head-editing marquee sets like the acclaimed 2011 ACF Regionals, the 2017 and 2018 PACE NSCs, and the 2016 ACF Nationals. He now writes full-time for NAQT.

He is also widely believed to be the youngest man to ever win the CBI National Championship, doing so in 2007 at 18 years, three months.

Among his other quizbowl bona fides, Rob is known as an excellent moderator (being selected to read the finals at both the 2019 ACF Nationals and the 2019 ICT), and is a perennial candidate for "handsomest man in quizbowl." Along with Andrew Hart, Billy Busse, Tejas Raje, and a shadowy assortment of other geriatrics, Rob often competes at opens under the aegis of "BHSU," or Ball So Hard University.

Writing/Editing Experience


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Rob also took a prominent role under the overall leadership of Eric Mukherjee in the 5th of March Incident, helping to write and edit an NHBB A-set in an unprecedented 12-hour blitz.

Notable Tournament Appearances

Man alive does this need renovation.

ICT DI Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Trevor Davis
Matt Bollinger
Carper Award
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Mike Bentley
Alex Damisch