2015 MSNCT

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Edited by NAQT
Champion Kealing A
Runner-up T.H. Rogers A
Third River Trail A
Fourth Middlesex A
High scorer William Golden
Site Dallas, TX
Stats [1]

The 2015 MSNCT was a middle school tournament hosted by NAQT in Dallas from May 9-10, 2015. It was won by Kealing A (Austin, Texas), which had previously won two other MSNCTs and defeated T.H. Rogers A (Houston, Texas) in a one-game final. River Trail A (Johns Creek, Georgia) finished third and Middlesex A (Darien, Connecticut) claimed 4th. Kealing A's top scorers were Evan Hochstein with 61.75 PPG and Ryan Russo with 34.25 PPG. William Golden of Harmony Excellence-Houston was the highest scoring player with 120.59 PPG.