2016 MSNCT

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Champion Middlesex A
Runner-up Longfellow A
Third Challenger-Ardenwood A
Fourth Chamblee A
High scorer Arjun Subramanian
Editor/s NAQT
Site Atlanta, GA
Stats NAQT

The 2016 MSNCT was held on 7 May and 8 May 2016 at the Hilton Atlanta. Middlesex won the tournament, Longfellow placed second, Challenger-Ardenwood placed third, and Chamblee placed fourth. 160 teams participated, so far the largest field size at an MSNCT.


Each team played eight preliminary rounds. At the end of the prelim rounds, Pi-oneers A gained the first seed card after beating Longfellow A. Longfellow A previously had beaten Middlesex A and Kealing. Teams with at least a 5-3 record advanced to playoffs. Middlesex A remained undefeated in the playoffs until being beaten by Longfellow A in the semifinals. Longfellow then defeated Challenger-Ardenwood and lost to Middlesex A on the last tossup of the final match.

NAQT gave All-Star awards based on prelim round performance to the top 25 players and the Rising Star awards to the top 6 non-eighth graders. The top All-Star was Arjun Subramanian of Pi-oneers B, followed by Isak Dai of Mounds Park.

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