2021 MSNCT

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Edited by NAQT
Champion Churchill A
Runner-up Longfellow A
Third Burleigh Manor A
Fourth Stanford Online
High scorer Arin Parsa
Site online
Field 112 teams
Stats [1]

The 2021 NAQT MSNCT was online due to the COVID-19 Pandemic on May 1-2, 2021. Churchill A (Carmichael, California) beat Longfellow A (Falls Church, Virginia) to win the MSNCT title. The top scorer was Arin Parsa, himself part of a solo team. His PPG of 151.33 was the highest ever recorded at the MSNCT.


Each team at the 2021 MSNCT played eight preliminary rounds. At the end of the preliminary rounds, 5 teams (including the ultimate winners) held a 7-1 record, with no undefeated team. Teams had to have at least a 5-3 record to advance to the double-elimination playoff.

NAQT gave out All-Star awards to the top 20 players in the tournament, and Rising Star awards to the top eight non-eighth grade players. The top All-Star was Arin Parsa with 168.12 PPG, who was followed by Tate Osborne with 111.88 PPG and Deven Hagen with 109.38 PPG, respectively.

  Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Super Semifinal
Loser is 3rd place
  One-Game Final
17 Howard 95   6 Longfellow 290  
18 Burleigh Manor 505   18 Burleigh Manor 320          
      6 Longfellow 155
      18 Burleigh Manor 320     4 Churchill 445
  8 Wisconsin Hills 190   4 Churchill 350     4 Churchill 330
  1 Stanford Online 400   1 Stanford Online 240  
Key:         Losing team progressing     Winning team progressing

NOTE: Numbers represent seeds at the start of bracket play.