2017 MSNCT

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Edited by NAQT
Champion Aptakisic
Runner-up Mounds Park
Third Middlesex A
Fourth Miami Valley
High scorer William Groger
Site Dallas, Texas
Stats NAQT

The 2017 MSNCT was held on May 12-14 2017 at the Hyatt Regency DFW in Dallas, Texas. Aptakisic (Buffalo Grove, Illinois) won the tournament, defeating Mounds Park (St. Paul, Minnesota) 470-325 in the second game of an advantaged final. Middlesex A (Darien, Connecticut) finished third, and Miami Valley (Dayton, Ohio) claimed fourth place. 160 teams participated.


Each team at the 2017 MSNCT played eight preliminary rounds. Miami Valley held the first seed after defeating River Trail A 425-405 to claim an 8-0 record. River Trail A had previously suffered only one loss, 110-730 to Miami Valley in round 6. Teams had to have at least a 5-3 record to advance to the double-elimination playoff. Aptakisic was undefeated in the playoffs until they were defeated by Mounds Park in the first game of an advantaged final, though they went on to win the second game and the tournament

NAQT gave out All-Star awards to the top 25 players in the tournament, and Rising Star awards to the top six non-eighth grade players. The top All-Star was William Groger (130.73 PPG), who was followed by Shiva Oswal (106.28 PPG) and Robert Muniz (104.19 PPG), respectively.