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A Regs-minus Carolina and Duke Invitational of Academia
Competition season 2021-2022
Head editor(s) Ryan Rosenberg
Difficulty 2.5 dots
First mirror October 9, 2021
Announcement link
Not to be confused with Arcadia High School in Arcadia, CA.

ARCADIA (A Regs-minus Carolina and Duke Invitational of Academia) was a college set written by members and alumni of the North Carolina Research triangle (i.e. Duke and UNC) in collaboration with others. It was aimed at 2.5 dots, which they compared to the previous year's IKEA.


Editor Distribution Person(s)
Head Ryan Rosenberg
Logistics Jacob Egol
Literature 4/4 Henry Goff (British and World/Other)
Payton Schubel (American and European)
History 4/4 Grant Peet (European, World, and Non-Ancient Other)
Kevin Thomas (Ancient)
Ryan Rosenberg (American)
Science 4/4 Hasna Karim (Biology)
Vincent Du (Chemistry, Physics, and Other)
Ryan Rosenberg (Other)
Fine Arts 3/3 Annabelle Yang (Visual and Other)
Jacob Egol (Auditory and Other)
Beliefs 1.5/1.5 Annabelle Yang (Non-Abrahamic Religion and Mythology)
Hasna Karim (Islam and Subcontinent)
Kevin Thomas (Abrahamic Religion excepting Islam)
Philosophy/Social Science 2.5/2.5 Ryan Rosenberg (Social Science)
Vincent Du (Philosophy)
Geography/Current Events 1/1 Grant Peet

Additional writers included Michael Bucknall, Daniel Cronin, Jim Fan, Eric Gunter, Kevin Jiang, Caroline Mao, Erik Novak, Jonathan Shauf, Ashish Subramanian, Raymond Wang, Brandon Weiss, and Justin Zhang.