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If you are looking for the History of Quizbowl, click here.

History is a part of the quizbowl distribution, typically taking up (4/4) in a 20 question round. The subject of history typically contains questions regarding human civilization from the inception of writing through the recent past (5-20 years for most sets, with more recent material being considered current events). In U.S. quizbowl, a large amount of history is devoted to American history, with the next largest focus on European history. World history and ancient history are also present as a smaller part of the distribution. History questions focus on many different types of things, such as leaders, battles, treaties, political groups/parties, elections, civilizations, technologies, social trends, high-impact events, and (in college quizbowl) historiography/specific historians' theories.

National History Bee and Bowl

The National History Bowl primarily has questions on history, as its title would suggest.