Brian McNamara

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Brian McNamara
Noted subjects Trash, history
Current college Temple
Past colleges Western Ontario (2011-2013), Waterloo (2014)
High school North Park Secondary School (2009)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Brian McNamara was a quiz bowl player at the University of Waterloo, previously playing as an undergrad at Western Ontario. He previously played Reach For The Top at North Park, and it sadly did not provide him a very strong basis for quiz bowl, although it helped to expand his knowledge of trash. He is doing his best to make up for his past in Reach, but it is slow going. He generally just rides Will Nediger's coat-tails. Brian was the leading scorer at the inaugural Toronto Winter Invitational tournament[1], and also led the TERP and Penn Bowl Trash mirrors at McMaster in scoring [2], [3].

Coaching and Reading

While in a doctoral program at Temple University, Brian began working with the nearby Carver HSES quizbowl program and has continued to assist them at practices and tournaments. He regularly read at high school quizbowl events throughout Southeastern PA and has continued to assist from afar remotely.