Toronto Winter Invitational

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The Toronto Winter Invitational is a Canadian high school quizbowl tournament whose first incarnation was held in February 2009. The tournament is co-directed by Chris Greenwood of Guelph and Jason Dickson of Toronto, and is largely staffed by members of Toronto and, in part, Guelph. The tournament is the second tossup/bonus high school quizbowl tournament in Canada, adding to the Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament on the quizbowl calendar.

The tournament was revived as "Toronto Novice" in 2015 in order to attract interest to new teams from the Toronto area. It retains the same IS-A format used in previous iterations of the tournament and in the Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament.


The tournament was held at St. George Campus at the University of Toronto on February 21st. The 18-team field was won by UTS, who defeated Woburn in the final, and Michael Li of St. Joseph was the top scorer after preliminaries. Stats can be found at [1]. The tournament was the first tossup/bonus quizbowl played by all schools participating except Woburn, who played at the 2005 Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament Question set NAQT IS-82A was used, and the tournament gained PACE NSC qualifier status.

Participating schools were:


Woburn defeated UTS in the final and won the tournament with a 10-1 record.


Woburn defeated White Oaks after losing the first match in an advantaged final.