Will Nediger

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Will Nediger
Noted Subjects:
Literature, Linguistics, film, arts, things nobody else knows
Current Collegiate Team
Past Collegiate Teams Michigan, Western Ontario
High School Team London Central
Middle School Team None

Will Nediger played quizbowl for Michigan, which he led (with Auroni Gupta) to first place at the 2017 ICT and 2016 ACF Nationals, having played as a undergraduate for Western Ontario. In 2007, he won the Reach for the Top Ontario provincial finals and national finals with London Central. With two other members of this team, Peter Burton and Will Pazner, he won the second place Division II title at the 2008 NAQT ICT. He also led his team to win the 2017 Chicago Open, having also won in the previous year.

Will served on the editing staff for 2009 ACF Fall and was responsible for two experimental lit tournaments, MELD and WELD.

He is a noted constructor of crossword puzzles.

Will notoriously seems to improve as the difficulty and obscurity of the questions increases, making him a highly sought-after teammate for Chicago Open. In addition to being the top scorer at the 2013 Chicago Open, he managed to achieve more than twice the PPG of anyone else at the premier site of the near-impossible Fernando Arrabal Tournament of the Absurd while playing with Seth Teitler, Selene Koo, and Sam Bailey.