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The Small School National Championship Tournament is a national championship for the nation's top small schools held by NAQT. "Small School" is defined as a public high school with an average daily membership of 500 or fewer students in grades 10–12 and a non-selective admission policy. This policy is designed to allow for a parity of competition between schools with fewer resources and funding, though the efficacy of this has sometimes been called into question.

At the 2013 HSNCT and earlier HSNCTs, Small School playoffs were held for Small Schools who had been eliminated from the overall playoffs, with the Small School Champion title awarded on that basis.

As of 2016, the SSNCT has split further into separate divisions with one consisting of regular public schools and the other of charter/private schools who meet the attendance restrictions. The change was discussed in part on the HSQB forum here. The public school division also began to recognize the top schools classified as "Very Small Schools", with additional playoff games added for VSS teams that were eliminated from overall contention but still stood a chance of earning a VSS trophy.

Qualification for the SSNCT is separate from, but similar to, qualification for the HSNCT.

Year Location First Second Third Field size
2014 Minneapolis, MN Hallsville AMSA Harmony Science North Austin 50
2015 Atlanta, GA Harmony Science North Austin Hallsville Glasgow 60
2016 Rosemont, IL AMSA Macomb Lehigh Valley 80

Public School Division (since 2017)

Year Location First Second Third VSS Champion VSS Runner-Up VSS Third Place Field size
2017 Rosemont, IL Glasgow Danville Camp Hill Camp Hill Raceland-Worthington Hallsville 96
2018 Rosemont, IL Glasgow A Ottawa Hills A Williamsville Ottawa Hills A Hallsville Cooperstown 96

Private/Charter School Division (since 2017)

Year Location First Second Third Field Size
2017 Rosemont, IL St. Mark's School of Texas Miami Valley St. Martin's Episcopal 30
2018 Rosemont, IL Early College at Guilford Friends Select Miami Valley A 64

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