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The NAQT High School Player of the Week is a program that began on 7 January 2017, along with the NAQT Middle School Player of the Week award. This program recognizes a high school player each week based on performance at competitions the previous week. The program was primarily carried out on NAQT's Instagram page.


Date Player School State Performance (Statlines: Powers-10s-Negs-PP20TUH) Link
1/7/2017 Alex Donovan Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day MO 67-71-7-168.0. Leading scorer at De Smet Varsity Invitational. Led team to 10-0 (1st place). [1]
1/14/2017 Sohum Kulkarni Parish Episcopal A TX 11-36-1-74.29 . Leading scorer (as freshman) at Panther Pageant. [2]
1/21/2017 Mason Guillot Baton Rouge Magnet LA 16-33-3-111.00. Leading scorer at Cade Cane Classic. [3]
1/28/2017 Eshaan Vakil Ed Clark NV 39-79-13-121.30. Leading scorer (as freshman) at Nevada State Championship. [4]
2/4/2017 Kara Combs Northmont OH 29-45-2-125.00. Leading scorer at Van Wert Invitational. [5]
2/11/2017 Alia Wilson George C. Marshall VA 15-77-5-88.18. Leading scorer at Johns Jopkins Winter Invitational. [6]
2/18/2017 Tyler McStravick St. Thomas TX 38-45-14-118.75. Leading scorer at TQBA Crusader Invitational. [7]
2/25/2017 Patrick Hance Lincolnton NC 17-32-12-103.00. Leading scorer at Western North Carolina Shootout. [8]
3/4/2017 Vishwa Shanmugam Downingtown STEM PA 47-39-10-104.5. Leading scorer at Wissahickon Invitational by 40 PP20TH. [9]
3/11/2017 Joe Stitz Washington MO 28-13-X-110.00. Leading scorer at Orchard Farm Eagle Invitational. [10]
3/18/2017 Haggai Anglade North Babylon NY 25-46-19-74.00. Fourth highest scorer at Livingston March Madness Invitational, including a 3-5-1 line vs. Milburn A. [11]
3/25/2017 James Malouf La Jolla CA 24-36-9-135.00. Leading scorer at NAQT Southern California State Championship. [12]
4/1/2017 William Koch Lakeland MO 21-84-X-115.50. Leading scorer at Jefferson City Invitational. [13]
4/8/2017 Venu Reddy Springwood AL Converted 57 tossups (101 TUH). Leading scorer at ASCA State Championship. [14]
4/15/2017 Alistair Gray Homestead CA 29-74-22-106.50. Leading scorer at NAQT Northern California State Championship. [15]
4/22/2017 Sabrina Zerrade Timberline ID 9-77-0-90.50. Leading scorer at NAQT Idaho State Championship. [16]