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| 42
| 42
| [[Thomas Jefferson (VA)|Thomas Jefferson A]]
| [[Thomas Jefferson (VA)|Thomas Jefferson A]]
| [[James W. Robinson]]
| [[Robinson (VA)|Robinson]]
| [[McLean|McLean A]]/[[Cave Spring|Cave Spring A]] (tied)
| [[McLean|McLean A]]/[[Cave Spring|Cave Spring A]] (tied)
| None
| None

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The Cavalier Classic or Cav Classic is a high school tournament hosted by the University of Virginia.

Date # of Teams Champion Second Third Fourth Set
10/26/1996 I 20 Thomas Jefferson B St. Christopher's Thomas Jefferson A St. Anne's 1996 UVa High School Set
11/22/1997 II 30 Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A Thomas Jefferson B Maggie Walker B 1997 UVa High School Set
Fall 1998 III 14 Mills Godwin Maggie Walker B Maggie Walker A St. Anne's 1998 UVa High School Set
12/4/1999 IV 35 Eleanor Roosevelt A Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A Georgetown Day 1999 UVa High School Set
11/18/2000 V 27 Maggie Walker A New Horizons Maggie Walker B St. Anne's IS-21
11/10/2001 VI 28 Maggie Walker A Maggie Walker B Lake Braddock Collegiate 2001 UVa High School Set
11/9/2002 VII 28 St. Anne's A Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A 2002 UVa High School Set
11/15/2003 VIII 42 Thomas Jefferson A Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson B Charlottesville 2003 UVa High School Set
10/23/2004 IX 27 Thomas Jefferson A Gonzaga Maggie Walker B Maggie Walker A 2004 UVa High School Set
10/29/2005 X 28 Thomas Jefferson A Maggie Walker A Walter Johnson A St. Anne's 2005 UVa High School Set
11/11/2006 XI 49 Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A Richard Montgomery A Gonzaga 2006 UVa High School Set
10/27/2007 XII 32 Walt Whitman Thomas Jefferson A Gonzaga Richard Montgomery A 2007 UVa High School Set
10/25/2008 XIII 19 Walter Johnson Maggie Walker A Gonzaga Thomas Jefferson A HSAPQ ACF-2
2009 Not held
2010 Not held
10/29/2011 XIV 20 Dorman A Hothem/Hariharan High A Christiansburg Maggie Walker A BDAT
10/27/2012 XV 21 Dorman A Thomas Jefferson A Montgomery Blair Dorman B IS-120
11/23/2013 XVI 21 Dorman A Western Albemarle A Maggie Walker A Loudoun IS-130
11/15/2014 XVII 28 Maggie Walker A Albemarle Early College at Guilford A Thomas Jefferson A IS-140
11/21/2015 XVIII 26 Cave Spring A Potomac Falls A Maggie Walker A Cave Spring B IS-150
11/12/2016 XIX 36 Thomas Jefferson A Cave Spring A Dorman A/Thomas Jefferson B (tied) None IS-160
11/11/2017 XX 38 Thomas Jefferson A Thomas Jefferson B Early College at Guilford/Dorman A (tied) None IS-170
11/3/2018 XXI 42 Thomas Jefferson A Robinson McLean A/Cave Spring A (tied) None IS-179
10/26/2019 XXII 22 McLean A Freeman BASIS McLean Norfolk Academic Guild A/Maggie Walker A (tied) IS-188