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The Cavalier Classic or Cav Classic is a high school tournament hosted by the University of Virginia. With the exception of one year when it was delayed to the following February and two years in which it was not held in the late 2000s, the tournament is always held in late October or mid-November of each fall semester.


Date # of Teams Champion Second Third Fourth Set
10/26/1996 I 20 Thomas Jefferson B St. Christopher's Thomas Jefferson A St. Anne's 1996 UVa High School Set
11/22/1997 II 30 Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A Thomas Jefferson B Maggie Walker B 1997 UVa High School Set
2/6/1999 III 14 Mills Godwin Maggie Walker B Maggie Walker A St. Anne's 1998 UVa High School Set
12/4/1999 IV 35 Eleanor Roosevelt A Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A Georgetown Day 1999 UVa High School Set
11/18/2000 V 27 Maggie Walker A New Horizons Maggie Walker B St. Anne's IS-21
11/10/2001 VI 28 Maggie Walker A Maggie Walker B Lake Braddock Collegiate 2001 UVa High School Set
11/9/2002 VII 28 St. Anne's A Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A 2002 UVa High School Set
11/15/2003 VIII 42 Thomas Jefferson A Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson B Charlottesville 2003 UVa High School Set
10/23/2004 IX 27 Thomas Jefferson A Gonzaga Maggie Walker B Maggie Walker A 2004 UVa High School Set
10/29/2005 X 28 Thomas Jefferson A Maggie Walker A Walter Johnson A St. Anne's 2005 UVa High School Set
11/11/2006 XI 49 Maggie Walker A Thomas Jefferson A Richard Montgomery A Gonzaga 2006 UVa High School Set
10/27/2007 XII 32 Walt Whitman Thomas Jefferson A Gonzaga Richard Montgomery A 2007 UVa High School Set
10/25/2008 XIII 19 Walter Johnson Maggie Walker A Gonzaga Thomas Jefferson A HSAPQ ACF-2
10/29/2011 XIV 20 Dorman A Hothem/Hariharan High A Christiansburg Maggie Walker A BDAT
10/27/2012 XV 21 Dorman A Thomas Jefferson A Montgomery Blair Dorman B IS-120
11/23/2013 XVI 21 Dorman A Western Albemarle A Maggie Walker A Loudoun IS-130
11/15/2014 XVII 28 Maggie Walker A Albemarle Early College at Guilford A Thomas Jefferson A IS-140
11/21/2015 XVIII 26 Cave Spring A Potomac Falls A Maggie Walker A Cave Spring B IS-150
11/12/2016 XIX 36 Thomas Jefferson A Cave Spring A Dorman A/Thomas Jefferson B (tied) None IS-160
11/11/2017 XX 38 Thomas Jefferson A Thomas Jefferson B Early College at Guilford/Dorman A (tied) None IS-170
11/3/2018 XXI 42 Thomas Jefferson A Robinson McLean A/Cave Spring A (tied) None IS-179
10/26/2019 XXII 22 McLean A Freeman BASIS McLean Norfolk Academic Guild A/Maggie Walker A (tied) IS-188
11/14/2020 XXIII 31 Richard Montgomery B Maggie Walker Richard Montgomery A Centennial A IS-195
10/2/2021 XXIV 21 Detroit Catholic Central A Richard Montgomery A BASIS McLean A Norfolk Academic Guild A IS-204