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Welcome to the Quizbowl Wiki, a compendium of information on collegiate quizbowl, high school quizbowl, trash quizbowl, and College Bowl/Honda Campus All-Star Challenge.

Make an article about yourself, your program, your tournaments, and common in-jokes if you have not already done so.

Please see the talk for this page for some of the standards used in creating articles.

Popular college categories

Popular high school categories

Categories of categories

Tournament calendars

2008 Collegiate tournament calendar

2008 High school tournament calendar

Also see the Tournament Database

Articles that need to be created

I have listed some pages with five or more red links. The full list is also available (ranked by number of redlinks to each article, so start at the top and you're guaranteed to do something helpful). If you know anything about these topics, please create the page.

  • How Collegiate Quizbowl Works- we need a general introduction for less involved high school players, people from now-dissolved College Bowl teams, or completely new people who are coming in and want a 1 to 3 page summary of the stuff they may not know.
  • How Quizbowl Works, For Journalists- my hope is that this 1 to 2 page overview can dispel some of the misconceptions that non-participants often have, and help avoid the comical errors we've seen in past examples of journalism about quizbowl.



College programs

Historical teams

High school things


Please work on improving these articles.



Did you know...

...that the Chicago Open Literature Tournament was most recently edited by Jonathan Magin?

...that mACF tournaments have included Penn Bowl and Berkeley WIT?

...that Florida A&M has won a record six Honda Campus All-Star Challenge titles?

...that Seth Teitler participated in the 2007 Illinois Open?

...that bleach is a product often used by non-trash players to wash their clothing?

...that Leo Wolpert occasionally visits the Quizbowl IRC channel?

...that the 2010 NAQT Missouri Qualifier will be held at the University of Missouri-Columbia?

...that Fred Morlan is constantly bedeviled by squirrels?