2010 NAQT Missouri Qualifier

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2010 NAQT Missouri Qualifier
Champion Helias A
Runner-up Rock Bridge A
Third Cape Central
Fourth Oakville
High scorer Josh Wen, Cape Central
Editor/s NAQT IS-95
Site Missouri-Columbia
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Playoff stats
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The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance hosted the 2010 NAQT Missouri Qualifier on March 20, 2010 at the University of Missouri-Columbia under the direction of Jeffrey Hill and Matt Chadbourne. Fourteen teams from eleven schools participated. Helias A went undefeated to win the tournament. The small school champion was North Shelby, which took 12th overall of 14 teams.


Teams marked with * were eligible for the small school title


The tournament used NAQT IS-95 with untimed NAQT rules. The fourteen teams were divided into two preliminary pools of 7 teams each, and they played a round robin. The top 4 teams from each pool then played the top 4 teams from the other pool; likewise, the teams in the consolation bracket played the consolation teams from the other preliminary pool. The conventional finals procedure was used to determine the champion and tiebreaker games were played as necessary to determine second through fourth place.


Following the playoffs, the top four teams in the championship bracket were:

  • 1. Helias A: 7-0, 302.1 ppg
  • 2. Rock Bridge A: 5-2, 249.3 ppg
  • 3. Cape Central: 5-2, 239.3 ppg
  • 4. Oakville: 4-3, 160 ppg

Helias A finished two wins ahead of the entire field and was declared the champion of the 2010 NAQT Missouri Qualifier. Since Rock Bridge A and Cape Central were tied at 5-2 against other championship bracket teams, a one-game tiebreaker was played, which Rock Bridge A won 225-110 to take second. Oakville took fourth with a 4-3 record in the championship bracket.

Centralia and North Shelby each finished with a 2-3 record in the consolation bracket, and played a one game final to determine the small school champion; North Shelby won that game 160-45 (in stark contrast to their earlier match, which Centralia won 250 to -5) to take home the small school title.

Josh Wen from Cape Central was the high scorer with 67.73 ppg (90.83 ppg in preliminary rounds).


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