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McLean Highlanders
McLean HS VA.png
McLean, VA
Club President None
Coaches Jeff Brocketti
State Championships None
National Championships None
National Appearances HSNCT: 2018
NHBB: 2017, 2018
Program Status Active
School Size 2078 (June 2016)

McLean High School is in McLean in northern Virginia. Its feeder school is Longfellow. McLean has mostly competed in It's Academic and VHSL over the years, although it did attend TJIAT in 2006. The team attended VHSL regionals in 2016. In October 2016, McLean participated in its first invitational circuit tournament in a decade, placing second at the Trojan Academic Tournament.

In VHSL, McLean was part of the VHSL Northern Region until 2014. After the 2014 VHSL Realignment, the school became part of VHSL Region 6A North. From the 2017-18 season, McLean has been part of VHSL Class 6 Region D.

McLean attended its first ever Class 6A VHSL State Championship in 2017, placing second after losing to Robinson by 40 points. During the same season, McLean won both the Conference 6 tournament and the 6A North tournament. McLean finished T-32 at the 2018 HSNCT, its first national quizbowl championship.

Current Roster

  • Carson Flickinger (captain)
  • Justin Young
  • Mara Kessler
  • Grace Chung
  • Nischal Dinesh
  • Ethan Li

Tournament Results

This table is incomplete.

Date Tournament Question Set Team Record Rank Stats
2006/10/7 TJIAT NAQT IS-60 2-3 28/46 NAQT
2016/10/22 Trojan Academic Tournament NAQT IS-159A 10-2 2/13 NAQT HSQB-DB Prelims HSQB-DB Playoffs
2016/11/6 Centennial Invitational (Varsity) NAQT IS-161A 4-6 9/24 (tied) NAQT
2016/12/3 Washington DC History Bowl (JV) NHBB C set 9-0 1/15 NHBB
2016/12/10 GSAC XXIV 2016 GSAC 5-6 9?/28 HSQB-DB Prelims HSQB-DB Playoffs HSQB-DB Superplayoffs
2017/1/14 VHSL Liberty Conference VHSL Conferences 2017 7-0 1/7 Not available
2017/1/28 VHSL 6A North Regional VHSL Regionals 2017 7-0 1/8 Not available
2017/2/4 Northern Virginia History Bowl (Varsity) NHBB B set 5-3 2/10 NHBB
2017/2/25 VHSL 6A State Championship VHSL State Championship 2017 2-1 2/4 Not available
2017/3/4 Virginia History Bowl State Championship (Varsity) NHBB A set 7-0 1/9 NHBB
2017/3/25 TJIAT BASQT II 3-7 8/14 HSQB-DB
2017/4/1 NAQT Virginia State Championship NAQT IS-166 7-2 13/34 HSQB-DB
2017/4/23-24 National History Bowl (JV) NHBB Nationals 13-3 5/108 NHBB
2017/9/16 Virginia Tech Fall Kick-Off NAQT IS-167A 8-1 2/22 HSQB-DB

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