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The State Housewrite Of Wondrous Missouri Excellence or SHOW-ME was a high-school regular difficulty question set used in the 2022-2023 season. The set was head-edited by Ganon Evans with assistance from June Yin. Many of the set's organizers hailed from the state of Missouri, hence the acronym (as Missouri is the "show-me state").

Editing team

Ganon Evans (Head Editor), Eric Yin (Science, SS), Louis Li (History), Joel Miles (Lit, Phil, Art), Gabe Forrest (Art, Lit), Joy An (Math), Connor Lee (Geo, CE), Fred Garvey (Lit), Felix Wang (PC, Other), Emmaleigh Coe (Myth), Jason Xu (CS)

Writing team

Andrew Gao, Vincent Wang, Vik Wei, Rachel Ezrielev, Danny Peelen, Yash Mandavia, Braden Booth, Neal Joshi, Aatreyo Bhattacharyya, Tanay Bodducherla, Michael Eng, Athena Liu, Max Hodes, Austin Guo, Brendan Fuller, Gigi Chen, Joanne La, Nathan Nicholas, Donal Ryan, Anna Csiki-Fejer, Cindy Gao, Isabella Wu, Shawn Yang

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