Southeast-Midwest Housewrite

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Southeast-Midwest Housewrite
Competition season 2020-2021
Head editor(s) N/A
Difficulty High school nationals
First mirror February 20, 2021
Announcement link
Packets link

Southeast-Midwest Housewrite (or SMH) was a high school nationals-difficulty set written by members and affiliates of Lambert, Stanton College Prep, Miami Valley, University Lab, Stevenson, and Georgetown Day School for the spring of 2021.[1] The set was edited by Ethan Ashbrook, Dylan Bowman, William Groger, Aidan Leahy, Katherine Lei, Arjun Nageswaran, Govind Prabhakar, and Ethan Strombeck. Taylor Harvey provided general oversight during production. The set difficulty is similar to ILLIAC and PACE 2019.

SMH was notable for its unorthodox mirroring strategy for collegiate tournaments. The set consisted of 20 packets written during the course of the 2020-21 competition year. The first 10 packets were mirrored "in-house" online across the country in February and March of 2021 ("SMH 1"), while the final 10 packets were mirrored in April and May of 2021 ("SMH 2"). The set garnered controversy over its use of only 10 packets for each tournament, often leading to schedules without advantaged finals due to the small number of questions.[2]

SMH was used for the 2021 ONCT. This was the only high school mirror of the set, as AQBL had bought exclusive rights for that market.


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