St. Louis Patriots

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St. Louis Patriots
St. Louis, MO
Coaches Jen Farra
State Championships 2020 NAQT
National Appearances 2018 MSNCT, 2019 IPNCT
Program Status Active
School Size Unknown
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The St. Louis Christian Homeschool Association, more commonly known as the St. Louis Patriots or STL Patriots, is a homeschool collective in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area. Their program includes high school, middle school, and elementary school teams.


Middle school

The middle school team made their debut in the 2017–2018 season, emerging as one of the best in Missouri under top scorer Owen Farra. They finished 49th at the 2018 MSNCT. The Patriots continued their streak the following season, regularly competing for tournament titles with noted powerhouse Columbia Independent. Several of their players attended the 2019 IPNCT, where Owen Farra finished 9th after a playoff loss to Arin Parsa. The team was less active in the following seasons, in large part due to COVID-19, but they remain one of the top middle schools in the state as of 2021.

High school

The high school team debuted at the 2018 NAQT Missouri Qualifier, where a solo Sam Lindsey finished 12th. After gaining teammates, Sam led the Patriots to high finishes during the 2018-19 season at tournaments like Orchard Farm and LIST. It was the addition of Owen Farra in 2019-20, however, that truly took the team to the next level. The Patriots became the first team in years to surpass statewide powerhouse Ladue, defeating the Rams at WUFAT, WHIT, and the NAQT Qualifier. Owen was voted Freshman of the Year in the 2019-20 GrogerRanks postseason poll [1].

The high school team remained a contender in the 2020-21 season, performing well at the few online tournaments they attended. They were voted #6 in the state in that year's postseason team poll [2]. As of 2021-22, the Patriots are still a powerhouse, with the Owen Farra-led team finishing T-4th in a stacked field at WUFAT.

As a homeschool collective, the Patriots are ineligible for MSHSAA's annual state series.

Elementary school

The elementary school team has also placed highly at local tournaments since its debut in 2017.

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