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The Washington University Fall Academic Tournament (WUFAT) is Washington University's annual fall high school tournament. It started in 2015 due to the persistence of then-team president Richard Yu.


Tournament Tournament Directors Date Question Set Champion Second Field size Results
WUFAT I Jacob O'Rourke, Richard Yu November 14, 2015 CALI Ladue B Marquette A 24 All Games
WUFAT II Jacob O'Rourke, Sean Phillips November 12, 2016 VTACO Washington A MICDS 32 All Games
WUFAT III Jacob O'Rourke, Sean Phillips November 11, 2017 Maryland Fall Ladue A Miami Valley 40 All Games
WUFAT IV Jacob O'Rourke, Vishal Puppala November 10, 2018 ATHENA II Miami Valley Ladue A 48 All Games
WUFAT V Jacob O'Rourke, Em Powers November 9, 2019 WAIT University Lab A Miami Valley 36 All Games
WUFAT VI Em Powers, Aryaman Jaiswal November 13, 2021 RAFT III College Heights Christian A Clayton A 14 All Games