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The first-ever NAQT Missouri Qualifier was held at Missouri S&T on February 16, 2008. While it was not the first Missouri tournament to qualify teams for the NAQT HSNCT, it was the first tournament expressly billed as such (a previous attempt had to be canceled due to lack of interest). It is equivalent to the NAQT State Championships held in other states, but cannot be expressly called a "state championship" due to MSHSAA regulations.

The 2009 edition was held February 21, 2009, again at Missouri S&T. On February 23, 2009, the expected date and location for the 2010 qualifier were announced. It was held on March 20, 2010 at the University of Missouri-Columbia, though it was not directed by the Missouri quizbowl team, but rather by Jeffrey Hill and Matt Chadbourne of MOQBA. This was the first tournament hosted by MOQBA as an organization, and MOQBA plans to continue hosting it each year.

After six years at the University of Missouri, MOQBA moved the tournament to Columbia College, hosting the 2016 Qualifier on March 5.

Small School Recognition

Since the tournament's inception, the top team from a school meeting NAQT's definition of a (traditional public) small school has been recognized as the small school champion. A "very small school" title was introduced in 2018, awarded to the top team from a traditional public small school in MSHSAA Classes 1 or 2 (1 to 3 after 2021) for Scholar Bowl.


Tournament Date Champion Second Small School Champion Very Small School Champion Field size Small school eligible teams Location Results Questions
2008 February 16 North Kansas City Helias A Richland A not awarded 9 3 Missouri S&T, Rolla Results NAQT IS-74
2009 February 21 North Kansas City Savannah Richland not awarded 15 3 Missouri S&T, Rolla Results NAQT IS-83
2010 March 20 Helias A Rock Bridge A North Shelby not awarded 14 2 Missouri-Columbia Results NAQT IS-95
2011 March 5 Savannah A Helias A Centralia not awarded 21 6 Missouri-Columbia Results NAQT IS-104
2012 March 3 Ladue A Savannah A Pilot Grove not awarded 32 5 Missouri-Columbia Results NAQT IS-115
2013 March 2 Ladue A Ladue B Hallsville not awarded 30 7 Missouri-Columbia Results NAQT IS-124
2014 March 1 Hallsville A Richland A Hallsville A not awarded 22* 11 Missouri-Columbia Results NAQT IS-134
2015 March 7 Hallsville A Savannah Hallsville A not awarded 26 11 Missouri-Columbia Results NAQT IS-144
2016 March 5 Hickman A Washington A Hallsville A not awarded 36 12 Columbia College Results NAQT IS-154
2017 March 4 Washington A St. Joseph Central Hallsville A not awarded 30 12 William Woods University, Fulton Results NAQT IS-166
2018 March 3 Ladue A St. Joseph Central Hallsville Louisiana 35 13 (5 VSS) Columbia College Results 2018 NAQT D-II SCT
2019 March 2 Ladue A St. Joseph Central A Hallsville A Louisiana 36 14 (5 VSS) Columbia College Results 2019 NAQT D-II SCT
2020 February 29 St. Louis Patriots Ladue A Hallsville A Weaubleau 40 13 (1 VSS) Columbia College Results 2020 NAQT D-II SCT
2022 March 5 Ladue College Heights Christian Fair Grove Eugene 30 11 (4 VSS) Columbia College Results 2022 NAQT D-II SCT

* - smaller field size resulted after several teams dropped due to forecasted inclement weather

MOQBA Online Spring Tournament (MOST)

On December 29, 2020, NAQT announced their decision not to host Sectional Championship Tournaments that season and, by extension, not produce a DII SCT question set. As a result, MOQBA began looking for other sets. As every IS set was being used at other Missouri tournaments and there was no SSNCT set (as that had been cancelled), the mACF set DART was used instead. Since it was no longer an "NAQT championship," the tournament was renamed the MOQBA Online Spring Tournament.

Similarly to the MOQBA Winter Kickoff two months prior, the tournament hosted a Zoom division and a Google Meet division, with a Small School title in each field. Unlike the NAQT Qualifiers, this tournament was not limited to Missouri teams, hence the Kentucky and Illinois teams present. The tournament accumulated a field of 54 teams (30 Meet, 24 Zoom), making it the second-largest tournament ever hosted in Missouri (behind WUHSAC XX's 57 teams).

Tournament Date Zoom Champion Zoom Runner-up Zoom Small School Champion Meet Champion Meet Runner-up Meet Small School Champion Results Questions
2021 March 6 Ladue Carbondale (IL) Eldon Macomb (IL) College Heights Christian Macomb (IL) Results DART