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WUHSAC, or the Washington University High School Academic Competition, is Washington University's annual high school quiz bowl competition that generally takes place in January or February. As of 2013, it has been run on Yale's house written set, BHSAT, although in previous years it was written by the WUSTL team, WUAT. Teams participating can qualify for the PACE NSC.


WUHSAC is one of the flagship tournaments of the Missouri high school quiz bowl circuit, usually drawing around 30 teams. WUHSAC is also noteworthy as one of the few Missouri tournaments which draws a large number of out of state teams, recently from places like Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and Florida.

WUHSAC is also notable for using the Gordon Arsenoff's WUStL Updates Statistics Live! (WUStL!) online scorekeeping system, which has also been used for other WUSTL tournaments since the 2012 WUHSAC.


Prior to 2013, WUHSAC was intended to be a slightly harder than average house-written tournament, similar to Harvard's HFT. Beginning with the 2008 iteration, the set drew criticism from players such as Charlie Dees due to poor difficulty control, the use of biographical clues, and generally poor writing quality. This criticism eventually led to the adoption of Yale's Bulldog High School Academic Tournament set in 2013, which was well-received.

Recent tournament directors have included Sean Phillips and Charles Hang. Jacob O'Rourke directed WUHSAC XXI.

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Year Champion Runner-up
1999 New Madrid County Central Unknown
January 2000 Bartlett High School Unknown
December 2000 Bartlett High School Lafayette High School
2002 Detroit Catholic Central High School Walton High School
2003 Detroit Catholic Central High School St. Andrew's
2004 New Trier High School Detroit Country Day
2005 Dunbar High School A Dunbar High School B
2006 Dunbar High School Madisonville North Hopkins
2007 North Kansas City New Trier
2008 North Kansas City Rockford Auburn
2009 Rockford Auburn Carbondale
2010 Chatham Glenwood High School Parkway Central
2011 Carbondale Northmont
2012 Ladue A Clayton A
2013 Ladue A Detroit Catholic Central High School
2014 Ladue A Northmont
2015 Hallsville A Savannah
2016 Hannibal A Woodford County
2017 MICDS Ladue A
2018 Detroit Catholic Central Ladue A
2019 Ladue A St. Joseph Central A
2020 Ladue A St. Joseph Central A