Weijia Cheng

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Weijia Cheng
Weijia Cheng.jpg
Pictured with the 2017 ACF Nationals trophy
Noted subjects Religion, History, Economics, China, Computer Science
Current college Maryland (2015–2019)
High school Centennial (MD) (2011–2015)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Weijia Cheng played for Maryland from 2015 to 2019 and was on the team that won 2017 ACF Nationals. Their lovable demeanor was likened to a young Chris Manners.

Weijia is the author of SCP-2405, an SCP named "2017_acf_nats_fianls.mp4".


High school

Weijia played at Centennial High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, where their team lost on a tiebreaker in the JV finals of the 2013 National History Bowl. As a senior, they were the top scorer on the Centennial team that finished in 26th place at 2015 NSC.


In their freshman year at Maryland, Weijia was the best scorer on a Maryland B team that finished in 13th place in Division II at 2016 ICT; in preliminary rounds, they finished as the eighth-highest scorer in Division II. At 2016 ACF Nationals, Weijia led Maryland B, alongside fellow freshmen Justin Hawkins and Jason Shi, to a third-bracket finish (28th place overall) and fourth place among Division II teams; their 33 points per game in preliminary rounds put them in eighth place once again among Division II players. At this tournament, they recorded a buzz on a tossup on the Etruscans so early that moderator Rob Carson recorded it on his scoresheet as 15 points, making them one of the few individuals known to have powered a tossup at ACF Nationals.

After Naveed Chowdhury graduated in 2016, Weijia was promoted to Maryland A. Since Jordan Brownstein already knew history, Weijia learned religion and economics, and soon became the best active religion player. Maryland A dominated the regular-season competition of the Mid-Atlantic region and became the first Maryland team to ever achieve a #1 ranking in the national poll, but disappointingly finished in 4th place at 2017 ICT as Weijia recorded a meager 8.50 points per 20 tossups heard.

Maryland bounced back at 2017 ACF Nationals, recording a 13–1 record in preliminary and playoff rounds (losing only to Michigan). They displayed spectacular consistency during the tournament, scoring either 10 or 20 points in 10 out of 13 rounds and converting nearly every religion tossup. During the final, which Maryland won over Michigan 250–175, Weijia did not buzz a single time; nevertheless, their 0 points made them Maryland's second-highest scorer in the final, behind Jordan's 80 points but ahead of Sam and Ophir's −5 points.

Weijia won Vasa Clarke's religion tournament RAPTURE at the Boston mirror in summer 2018. Weijia was voted 20th in the 2018 player poll[1] and top religion player in 2019.[2] Weijia was on the fourth-place Maryland team at 2019 ACF Nationals and moved to work in the Bay Area after graduating.[3]


Weijia head-edited 2019 Terrapin, and also worked on 2016 Terrapin, MYSTERIUM, 2018 CMST, and 2015 and 2017 Maryland Fall. They are editing religion for 2021 NSC.


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