2017 ACF Nationals

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The 2017 ACF Nationals was held between April 22 and 23 at Columbia. The set, widely acclaimed as among the best-executed of all time, was edited by Evan Adams, Matt Bollinger, Austin Brownlow, Tommy Casalaspi, Ike Jose, and Rohith Nagari, with Bollinger head-editing.

Maryland won a final over Michigan after suffering their only loss of the tournament to Michigan. Jordan Brownstein led both Maryland and the tournament in scoring, including all of his team's tossup points in the finals.

2017 ACF Nationals
Champion Maryland A
Runner-up Michigan A
Third Yale A
Fourth Columbia
High scorer Jordan Brownstein, Maryland
Editor/s Matt Bollinger, Evan Adams, Austin Brownlow, Tommy Casalaspi, Ike Jose, and Rohith Nagari
Site Columbia
Field 38 teams
Stats Stats


Division I Championship

  1. Maryland A (Jordan Brownstein, Weijia Cheng, Ophir Lifshitz, Sam Rombro)
  2. Michigan A (Auroni Gupta, Brian McPeak, Will Nediger, Kenji Shimizu)
  3. Yale A (Stephen Eltinge, Adam S. Fine, Isaac Kirk-Davidoff, Jacob Reed)
  4. Columbia (Rafael Krichevsky, Kailee Pedersen, Wilton Rao, Ben Zhang)

Division I Undergraduate

  1. Berkeley A (Aseem Keyal, Bruce Lou, Justin Nghiem, Sameer Rai)
  2. Princeton
  3. Duke

Division II Championship

MIT B defeated Toronto B to claim the Division II championship.


  1. Jordan Brownstein, Maryland
  2. Eric Mukherjee, Penn
  3. Jacob Reed, Yale A
  4. John Lawrence, Chicago A
  5. Jason Golfinos, Princeton
  6. Rafael Krichevsky, Columbia
  7. Stephen Liu, Stanford
  8. Jasper Lee, Tennessee
  9. Eric Xu, Virginia
  10. Adam Silverman, Northwestern


38 teams

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