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1990 National Academic Championship
Edited by National Academic Association
Champion Collegiate
Runner-up White Plains
Third Booker T. Washington (semifinalist)
Fourth Ithaca (semifinalist)
High scorer Drew Kane of Edmond Memorial
Site Rice University

The 1990 NAC was held at Rice University in Houston and televised on the Discovery Channel. It was one of the NACs run as the "Texaco Star National Academic Championship" and fully sponsored by Texaco and its partners.

In the final, Collegiate of Richmond, VA defeated White Plains of White Plains, NY 510-370 after beating Ithaca in the semfinals. White Plains had beaten Booker T. Washington 240-440 in the other semifinal. Detroit Catholic Central was the #1-seeded team going into the elimination bracket, but was upset prior to the quarterfinals.

Breese, Bellaire, Eisenhower, and Lincoln were the teams eliminated in the quarterfinals.

The tournament lasted from June 9 to June 15, and included "78 schools representing 33 states and the Virgin Islands." Qualification was through winning local tournaments of any kind.

As in 1988, the tournament ended with an exhibition game between the NAC champion and a Canadian team, and as in 1988, the Canadian team won, as Memorial High School from Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, defeated Collegiate 305-280.

$75,000 in scholarships were awarded to high-finishing schools, and the winning team also received championship rings and new computers from AT&T.

Texaco, Rice, Entertainment One, Star Enterprise, and Warner Cable were all listed as sponsors for the event, and covered entry fees, lodging, food, and "entertainment" for all teams (but not travel).

The last three rounds of the single-elimination bracket were broadcast on the Discovery Channel on Thursdays and Saturdays starting July 7 and concluding on August 30, 1990. Some full games including the intro sequence are viewable here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8dnEnnRfWA&t=10560s


Some of the questions from this tournament:

"In soccer, which player cannot be interfered with when he has the ball?"

"What do you get by adding sauteed strips of beef to a sauce that includes mushrooms, mustard and sour cream?"

"Why did some U.S. officials want to drop millions of eggs from the malyuna moth over the high mountain valleys of Bolivia and Peru?"

"Who was the sultan of Egypt and Syria between 1137 and 1193?"

"What conclusion about the solar system resulted in fame for the Greek astronomer Aristarchus of Samos?"

"What do the horse latitudes, subpolar regions and doldrums have in common?"

"What event originated the concept of the dove and the olive branch as symbols of peace?"

"If the pressure of a gas is increased by a factor of 4, the volume will change by what factor if the temperature is constant?"

"What is the acceleration of an object that takes 7 seconds to change its northward velocity from 25 meters per second to 39 meters per second?"

"What poem is sung by a chorus during the last movement of the Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven?"

"According to Plato's "Republic," who alone deserved the name philosopher?"


The pre-tournament press release listed the following competing teams:

  • 1. Alamosa High School Alamosa, Colorado
  • 2. Alex I. du Pont High School Greenville, Delaware
  • 3. Ankeny High School Ankeny, Iowa
  • 4 Antilles School St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • 5. Bellaire High School Bellaire, Texas
  • 6. Booker T. Washington High School Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 7. Brazoswood High School Clute, Texas
  • 8. Broken Arrow Senior High School Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  • 9. Brother Martin High School New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 10. Camden High School Camden, Arkansas
  • 11. Carl Junction High School Carl Junction, Missouri
  • 12 Central High School Breese, Illinois
  • 13. Cleveland High School Cleveland, Tennessee
  • 14. Clinton High School Clinton, South Carolina
  • 15. Denton High School Denton, Texas
  • 16. Detroit Catholic Central High School Redford, Michigan
  • 17. E.D. White Catholic High School Thibodaux, Louisiana
  • 18. Edmonson County High School Brownsville, Kentucky
  • 19. Eisenhower High School Washington, Michigan
  • 20. Eleanor Roosevelt High School Greenbelt, Maryland
  • 21. Elmira Free Academy Elmira, New York
  • 22. Garfield Heights High School Garfield Heights, Ohio
  • 23. Granville High School Granville, Ohio
  • 24. Grimsley High School Greensboro, North Carolina
  • 25. Hobbs High School Hobbs, New Mexico
  • 26. Illinois Math and Science Academy Aurora, Illinois
  • 27. Indian Springs School Helena, Alabama
  • 28. Irmo High School Columbia, South Carolina
  • 29. Isabel High School Isabel, South Dakota
  • 30. Ithaca High School Ithaca, New York
  • 31. J.M. Hanks High School El Paso, Texas
  • 32. James Island High School Charleston, South Carolina
  • 33. Jefferson High School Port Arthur, Texas
  • 34. Joliet West High School Joliet, Illinois
  • 35. Lake Michigan Catholic High School St. Joseph, Michigan
  • 36. Lincoln High School Tallahassee, Florida
  • 37. Madison-Ridgeland High School Madison, Mississippi
  • 38. Marist School Atlanta, Georgia
  • 39. McAlester High School McAlester, Oklahoma
  • 40. Memorial High School Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 41. Millburn High School Millburn, New Jersey
  • 42. Morris High School Morris, Minnesota
  • 43. Needham High School Needham, Massachusetts
  • 44. New Milford High School New Milford, Connecticut
  • 45. Newton High School Newton, Illinois
  • 46. North Medford High School Medford, Oregon
  • 47. Northside High School Atlanta, Georgia
  • 48. Oblong High School Oblong, Illinois
  • 49. Paul M. Dorman High School Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • 50. Plano High School, C/O Plano I.S.D. Plano, Texas
  • 51. Ridgewood High School Ridgewood, New Jersey
  • 52. Riverside Poly High School Riverside, California
  • 53. Ruston High School Ruston, Louisiana
  • 54. Savannah Country Day School Savannah, Georgia
  • 55. Seaholm High School Birmingham, Michigan
  • 56. Sierra Grande High School Blanco, Colorado
  • 57. Sissonville High School Charleston, West Virginia
  • 58. Smithfield-Selma High School Smithfield, North Carolina
  • 59. South Mecklenburg High School Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 60. St. Anne's-Belfield School Charlottesville, Virginia
  • 61. St. Elmo High School St. Elmo, Illinois
  • 62. St. John's High School Toledo, Ohio
  • 63. St. John's Preparatory School Danvers, Massachusetts
  • 64. St. Joseph's High School South Bend, Indiana
  • 65. St. Mary's High School St. Marys, West Virginia
  • 66. St. Thomas Academy St. Paul, Minnesota
  • 67. Stratford High School Goose Creek, South Carolina
  • 68. Stroudsburg High School Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
  • 69. Sullivan High School Sullivan, Illinois
  • 70. Temple High School Temple, Texas
  • 71. The Collegiate Schools Richmond, Virginia
  • 72. Torrey Pines High School San Diego, California
  • 73. Walton High School Marietta, Georgia
  • 74. Wellington School Columbus, Ohio
  • 75. Wesson High School Wesson, Mississippi
  • 76. West Orange-Stark High School Orange, Texas
  • 77. White Cloud High School White Cloud, Michigan
  • 78. White Plains High School White Plains, New York


All information is from the press release issued by Texaco after the tournament, which is available on Lexis-Nexis.

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