1991 NAC

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Won by Dorman over Collegiate in a 360-345 final. Third place was Detroit Catholic Central, who lost to Collegiate in a 290-255 semifinal.

The tournament-deciding tossup was "What was Jesus doing when his disciples came to tell him the stormy sea was threatening to drown him?" (Answer: Sleeping.)

Other questions from this tournament include "During World War I, what American industrialist said he wanted to ``get the boys out of the trenches`` by Christmas?," "In biblical times, a famous aromatic resin known as ``balm`` came from what region east of the Jordan River?," and "What is the correct chemical formula for sodium chlorate?"

After the tournament, Beall referred to the third-place DCC team as "the best team I have ever seen."

Jim Paluszak was added to the NAC Hall of Fame after this tournament.

The tournament lasted from June 9 to June 14 at Rice University, and included 92 schools representing 32 states and the Virgin Islands. Dorman received $50,000 in scholarships and Collegiate $25,000.

The Sullivan team made a mid-tournament exit from the official dorm due to loud partying from other tournament participants.

The last four rounds of single-elimination were televised on PBS.

The coach of Grand Rapids offered this commentary on the televised rounds in a newspaper article:


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