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Copley High School
Copley, Ohio
Head Coach Joshua Eck (16'-Current)
Assistant Coach Sue Korosa (16'-Current)

Melissa Lopez (10'-Current)

Former Coaches

Sue Korosa (Head) 82'-15'
Joshua Eck (Assistant) 12'-15'
Bren Wion (Assistant) 07'-11'
Andrew Stevens (Assistant) 99'-09'
Alice Rote (Assistant) 82'-07'
Kathy Forchione (Assistant) 88'-93'

State championships 1995 OAC, 1998 OAC, 1999 OAC, 2002 OAC, 2005 OAC, 2011 OAC
National championships none
Nationals Appearances Current
HSNCT: 4 (Most Recently in 2017)
NSC: 4 (Most Recently in 2015)
Inactive/No Longer Attending
NAC: 7 (Last Appearance in 2013)
ASCN: 12 (Last Appearance in 2004)
All-time Match Record ("A" team) 2565-541(.825)
Tournament Wins (All teams) 208
Established 1982
Status Active
Size 1,129
Related Schools Copley-Fairlawn Middle School

One of the traditional powers in Ohio quizbowl.


The team first began in the 1970's where they only completed on Cleveland's televised quizbowl show It's Academic! every other year. The team was taken over by Sue Korosa and Alice Rote in 1982. The team began playing Saturday tournaments around 1990. Copley hosts one major tournament called the Copley Invitational which is renowned all state over for the buffet it treats moderators to.

Hosted Tournaments

Team Hall of Fame

The team established a Hall of Fame in 2017 to honor past players.

Pre Modern Era (1980-2004)

  • Dennis Butcher (03')
  • Anthony Catlin (81')
  • Edward Chang (00')
  • Cindy Debevec (84')
  • Brandon Eilertson (99')
  • Patrick Hanudel (95')
  • Bob Shott (97')

Modern Era (2005-Current)

  • Abbaad Haider (05')
  • Jackson Kulas(11')
  • Chris Mayer (07')
  • Saajid Moyen (11')
  • Sayeef Moyen (15')