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The 2003-04 team from St. George's School won the Reach for the Top national championship.

Reach for the Top

The Reach team, captained by Adam Goldenberg, won BC provincials and took the national championship, defeating Leaside in the final. It was the first win from outside Ontario in nearly a decade, and was also the first year in which Ontario teams had no Grade 13 students (although UTS, a school that never had a 13th grade, won the past two championships).


St. George's also participated in the final season of SmartAsk!. Regular captain Goldenberg was unfortunately in an accident shortly before taping, so Alex Darling filled in. Like the year before, St. George's reached the second round, where they were eliminated by a team from London Central. It was the only time the eventual Reach champion participated in SmartAsk! in the same season.


A few members of this team played in university quizbowl events, making it the best representation by a single championship team until the 2007 London Central team played in a tournament together. Goldenberg and Green played in the 2004 VETO; Darling currently plays with the Toronto team, winning the 2008 Canadian SCT DII title and the 2007 OHT.


Captain: Adam Goldenberg

SmartAsk! participants: Josh Chan, Alex Darling, Brandon Green

Other members: Se Young Ahn, Stephen Hsia, Shazan Jiwa, Mike Paulus

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