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The 2008 Maryland quizbowl article appeared on April 24, 2008 in Maryland's campus paper and was apparently written by Tirza Austin. The article allegedly concerned Maryland's attempt to win ACF Nationals after having won ICT, but journalists taking facetious comments by the Maryland team seriously, especially those by Charles Meigs, led to a high degree of unintentional hilarity.

Notably, Chris Ray claimed not to have said anything attributed to him in the article "except that thing about AvP".

Highlights of the Article

  1. Charles Meigs talks trash on Chicago, asking "We already won a national title...what do those guys have on us?"
  2. Chris Ray confesses to having learned the geography of Antartica through repeated viewings of Alien vs. Predator.
  3. Jonathan Magin enlightens the uninformed by explaining that "...you win Quizbowl - by knowing things".
  4. Seth Teitler is called an "evil archvillian".
  5. Charles Meigs claims it's "nerve-racking" to play Brown because "one player has a tendency to throw things when he gets angry".
  6. Jerry, or someone claiming to be Jerry, posts a comment on the online version of the article: "The next thing I throw at ACF Nationals will be you out the window, Charles Meigs". This is followed by "Time Traveller", who notes that "Future generations realized that the 'defenestration of Waltham' was the start of the 'thirty minute war'".

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