2008 Wilmington Charter

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The 2008 Wilmington Charter team was composed of Henry Gorman, Raja Vel, Neeraj Vijay, and Byron Pierce. Occasionally Rui Hu acted as the fifth player and / or substitute.

2008 HSNCT

At the 2008 HSNCT, Wilmington Charter finished as the runner-up. After an early loss to Whitman, they climbed back through the loser's bracket. Late wins eliminated two of the teams favored to make the final: Dorman A and Whitman A. Charter's victory over Dorman was the subject of some minor controversy due to the last, game-deciding tossup being on computational math.

As TJ was undefeated in the playoffs, Charter had to win twice in the final. They won the first game 385-335, but lost after TJ got the first five tossups and started the second match with a big lead.

Henry, Raja, and Neeraj were the core of the team that finished 5th in 2007.

2008 NSC

At the 2008 NSC, Wilmington Charter was a semi-finalist. They went 7-0 on day one, and 4-1 in the quarterfinal bracket, losing to Dorman. Their semi-final loss was to Whitman. Henry was added by ballot onto the All-Star Team. Rui Hu replaced Byron on this team.

2008 NAC

At the 2008 NAC, Wilmington Charter finished 2nd. They went 5-1 in the prelims, losing a close match to Manheim Township. They beat Fishers, Center Grove, Chaska, and Seton Hall in the Chicago playoffs, and then Dallas winner John Cooper in the first Championship game. In the last game the score was tied going into Stump the Experts and Booker T Washington won in that period. Henry was declared the Chicago MVP and Bill Tressler was named Coach of the Year. Senior Jeff Chao was the fifth player on this team.

Regular Season

Charter A won the Long Island Fall Tournament, NAQT Delaware Championship, Comcast Academic Challenge, Temple, Blue Hen, and the Sunday portion of DACQ Weekend of Quizbowl Goodness. They finished 2nd at TJ's winter tournament (renamed the Housh Classic) and Maryland's Spring Classic (both of these in the final to Whitman).

Charter B won the State College Area Tournament when the A team attended Maryland.

Playing with coach Bill Tressler and Dan Goff, this team also won the Maryland mirror of the 2007 TTGT11, an open tournament.