2008 NSC

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Champion Walt Whitman
Runner-up Thomas Jefferson
Third Wilmington Charter and Dorman
High scorer Charlie Dees, North Kansas City
Editor/s PACE
Site George Mason
Field 48

The 2008 National Scholastic Championship was won by Walt Whitman, consisting of Shantanu Jha, Adam Marshall, Daniel Brezina, and Damjan Korac. The tournament was held at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Tournament results

Walt Whitman beat Thomas Jefferson in the championship game 440-390. The teams were tied 360-360 after regulation, so a three question tiebreaker of mACF-format tossups and bonuses was played. The two semi-finalists were Dorman and Wilmington Charter.

Individual results

The top five scorers at the tournament (through the prelim rounds) were Charlie Dees of North Kansas City, Daichi Ueda of Walter Johnson, Dallas Simons of MLK Magnet, Shantanu Jha of Walt Whitman and Henry Gorman of Wilmington Charter respectively.

Press Club

The 2008 PACE NSC Press Club, who liveblogged the semis and finals on hsquizbowl.org and IRC, consisted of Fred Morlan, Evan Silberman, Carsten Gehring, Charles Dees, Christian Carter, George Berry, Guy Tabachnick, and Steve Feldman.

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