2011 VCU Open

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2011 VCU Open
Competition season 2010-11
Series VCU Open
Head editor(s) Evan Adams
Difficulty College regular-plus
First mirror August 6th, 2011
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2011 VCU Open was the 2011 iteration of VCU Open. Despite long-standing tradition and the tournament's name, the main site of the tournament was held at the University of Maryland rather than VCU. The tournament was paired with a trash tournament written by Mike Cheyne, George Berry, and Donald Taylor.

The set was primarily written and edited by Evan Adams, Tommy Casalaspi, Cody Voight, and Matt Weiner, with additional contributions by George Berry and Sean Smiley. According to co-editor Cody, Evan wrote "all the non-science, non-Social Science/Philosophy tossups," which was around 500 questions.

The set is known for its (then) high proportion of creative common-link questions, which were the main focus of praise and criticism. The resulting often quite heated tournament discussion laid down many of the tropes of modern common-link theory.