2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier

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2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier
Edited by NAQT IS-154
Champion Hickman A
Runner-up Washington A
Third Washington B
Fourth Rock Bridge A
High scorer William Gentry, St. Joseph Central (prelims)

Alex Harmata, Hickman (overall)

Site Columbia College
Stats Stats

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance hosted the 2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier on March 5, 2016 at Columbia College under the direction of Jeffrey Hill and Matt Chadbourne. Thirty-six teams from twenty-one schools participated, making this the largest NAQT Missouri Qualifier to date. The twelve schools eligible for the small school title was also the most small school teams in tournament history to date. Hickman A overcame the disadvantage in an advantaged final against Washington A to win the tournament. Hallsville A claimed the small school title for the fourth consecutive year, finishing sixth overall.


Teams marked with * were eligible for the small school title


The tournament used NAQT IS-154 with untimed NAQT rules. Due to an ongoing MSHSAA requirement, some gameplay rules were modified to match MSHSAA rules, most notably that players had to be recognized by name before providing an answer to a tossup.

The teams were divided into six pools of 6 for preliminary rounds 1-5.

The top 2 teams in each pool advanced to the championship tier, remaining eligible to win the tournament. The third place teams advanced to Consolation 1, the fourth place teams to Consolation 2, and so on, with each consolation pool of six playing a round robin in rounds 6-10.

In the championship tier, two roughly equal pools were seeded based on the points per bonus of the top team from each preliminary pool, with the corresponding second place teams advancing to the same pool. This resulted in two parallel pools consisting of the first and second place teams from three of the six pools. Each of these pools played a crossover playoff, with games in rounds 6-9 and one preliminary game carrying over. After round 9, the top 2 teams in each pool based on playoff record, then greatest average points per game, advanced to a crossover superplayoff for rounds 10-11, followed by any necessary finals and tiebreakers in rounds 12-13. The remaining championship teams played the team of the same rank from the other pool in a round 10 placement game to determine 5th-12th place.


Following round 9, the championship tier results were:

Iron Curtain

  • 1. Hickman A 5-0, 374 ppg
  • 2. Washington B 3-2, 277 ppg
  • 3. Hallsville A* 3-2, 272 ppg
  • 4. St. Joseph Central 3-2, 238 ppg
  • 5. Fort Osage A 1-4, 179 ppg
  • 6. Columbia Independent 0-5, 155 ppg

Sinews of Peace

  • 1. Washington A 5-0, 366 ppg
  • 2. Rock Bridge A 4-1, 398 ppg
  • 3. Savannah 3-2, 224 ppg
  • 4. Helias A 2-3, 236 ppg
  • 5. Helias C 1-4, 179 ppg
  • 6. Centralia A* 0-5, 145 ppg

Hickman A and Washington A were undefeated going into round 11, effectively starting a best of three final. Washington won the first game 340-280, then Hickman won the next game 395-285, setting up a third winner-take-all game. With only a 45 point lead going into the last tossup, Hickman picked up the tossup after Washington answered incorrectly, winning the final game 365-285 to claim the 2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier title!

For the small school title, Hallsville A and Centralia A both advanced to the overall championship rounds, with Hallsville A finishing in sixth place overall and Centralia A in twelfth place. The separation of six places was just enough for Hallsville A to claim their fourth consecutive NAQT Missouri Qualifier small school title without a final!

William Gentry of St. Joseph Central was recognized as the top scorer with an average of 106 points per game in the preliminary rounds. Officially recognized as the third highest scorer with 92 points per game in the preliminary rounds, Alex Harmata of Hickman had the highest average when considering the entire day, with his 87.69 points per game barely edging out William's 87 points per game.

MOQBA Award for Outstanding Student Involvement

During the awards ceremony, the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance presented the fifth MOQBA Award for Outstanding Student Involvement to Matt Chalem and Joe Stitz of Washington High School for their numerous commitments to encourage participation in quizbowl by younger students. [1]


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