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The University of Kentucky 2017 Season began in the Spring Semester in January and will end in December 2017.

In May, Kevin Hawickhorst, Austin Smith, and Tyler Reid graduated.

In the Fall, Logan Showalter, Andrew Perry, Samantha Martin, Ramy Ghanim, and Miranda Kunes joined the team.

Spring Semester

On February 4th, Kentucky competed in Divison I and Division II at the NAQT Sectional mirror at WKU. The Division I team went 5-4 and the Division II team went undefeated.

On February 19th, three Kentucky teams competed at ACF Regionals at Louisville.

On April 2nd, Kentucky sent two teams to compete at the Eisenhower Memorial Tournament mirror at Ohio State.

On April 8th, the A-Team competed at the NAQT ICT Tournament in Division II. It tied with Georgetown University for fifth.

On April 15th, the UK team hosted the University of Kentucky Spring Championship. Henderson won the tournament ten to nothing.

Fall Semester

On Saturday August 26th, the team helped staff the annual SCOTTIE High School Invitational.

On Sunday September 24th, UK hosted its annual Novice Tournament.

On Saturday October 14th, Kentucky sent three teams to compete in Louisville's EFT Tournament. The A team went undefeated over 10 rounds.

On Saturday October 21st, Kentucky hosted the fifth edition of its venerable Fall Championship. The tournament encountered some difficulty due to its paper-free nature and the re-bracketing woes that caused several teams to leave early. The team received an unpleasant surprise when the University's custodial division insisted on being paid $300 to clean up what is always a trash-free and respectable student event.

On Saturday November 4th, the team sent three teams to compete at ACF Fall (Great Lakes Mirror) at Ohio State. The A team finished runner-up, winning 9 and losing 3. During this tournament, the 2017 UK Travel Incident occurred.

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